A couple months ago I

A couple months ago I hurt my back. Instead of running to urgent care For Pain meds, I thought I would try going to the Chiropractor for the first time. Dr Kyle was very gentle and got me all lined up right away. Weekly visits have kept me in great shape! Thank you for your care Dr. Kyle 🙂 Kristina Pinkston

Kristina Pinkston

My First Chiropractor

I have never seen a chiropractor before in my life. I never knew I needed one. About 4 months ago, my wife suggested that we begin seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis for our general health and that is when we met Dr. Kyle. Since then, Dr. Kyle has performed regular adjustments on myself, my wife and our 18 month old. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Kyle explained the importance of regular care through his practice and what the long term benefits would be. Dr. Kyle is extremely easy to work with and is focuses on our long term health. He has even helped me with some serious sinus infection issues when they act up. We have referred several of our friends to him and would not hesitate to send more.

Todd Warren

Great Work

I have had a lot of pains in my lower back and Dr. Kyle did a fantastic job helping understand the source of the problems and adjusting me accordingly. I always felt great leaving and will continue to go back.

Skylar Buras

I have seen the same

I have seen the same chiropractor for 15 years of my life, until recently, I inquired with Dr.Kyle bc of the convenience of his location, and the Webster technique he practices. I am currently 8 months pregnant and just experienced the most pain of my entire life. (I was in labor for 36 hrs. with my first child). I desperately went searching for answers. After being rejected from the hospital with every test possible ran, poked, prodded, and sent home with no answers and no help, I remembered Dr. Kyle from Kids Fest. I called him and explained the amount of pain I was experiencing in my lower abdomen. It literally felt like I was having front and back contractions for 3 days straight. I had no sleep and no answers. Dr.Kyle got me in the very next day, and did an entire consultation with me. He took his time explaining every detail of my posture, spine, etc. He explained every detail of why I could be experiencing the pain I was in. Of course pregnancy comes with the “unexplainables,” but Dr.Kyle went above and beyond doing his part in aligning my body back to where it should be. As a pregnant woman in pain, I was not the easiest patient. He was very gentle and explained exactly what he was going to do and why every time he adjusted me. The VERY SAME NIGHT, I came home and our daughter Sophie, MOVED from TRANSVERSE POSITION, into BIRTHING POSITION!!! The amount of relief I experienced immediately was unexplainable. I know that Dr.Kyle’s adjustment helped Sophie turn into position. With my ligaments being torn, stretched and twisted, he made a plan to help me recover. I’ve only been 4 visits, including the first visit, and I feel so much better. My posture is improving (as much as possible carrying around a 6lb baby), and I am looking forward to having a beautiful, easy delivery of our beautiful baby girl. I will continue to see Dr.Kyle and refer anyone and everyone to him!

Melissa Hix-Walley

Dr. Kyle did great work!

I had been holding tension in my upper back that had caused major headaches. He fixed me up and released all tension and I haven’t had a headache since. He was very professional in manner and was super gentle. His office is always neat and tidy. During each session he always told me exactly what he was going to do and how it would benefit my body. I really appreciate everything he did for me.

Mo Bearden

I started seeing Dr. Kyle

I started seeing Dr. Kyle during my last 2 months of pregnancy. As my body was shifting, things obviously became very uncomfortable and I needed relief. I was also concerned about the position of my baby as she had been posterior for most of my pregnancy and I wanted to make sure she was in the correct position before labor began. Dr. Kyle was WONDERFUL. He was so gentle, but was able to keep my body aligned which eased much of the pregnancy pains and also helped my baby stay in the proper position for delivery. I can’t say enough good things about Two Rivers Chiropractic!

Leighann Buras
Buras Construction, LLC

Dr. Kyle is amazing! I

Dr. Kyle is amazing! I went to a family doctor for a strange pain in my side. They told me it sounded like a weird virus. I went to Dr. Kyle and he completely fixed it my adjusting a rib into place. From now on, I’ll always go to him BEFORE a medical doctor.

Theresa Fry

Running and Leaping

I have gone to Dr. Kyle on an as needed bases but several months ago, I had a fluid build up behind my knee, I did 6 visits and then the follow up wellness visits. I not only saw a change in my knee , but the rest of my body began to respond to being aligned. I have used chiropractic over the years but I like the fact Dr. Kyle is not a bone cruncher he truly is an adjuster, works with the pressure points. Would recommend to anyone.

susan lee

You Can Teach an old Dog new Tricks!!

I have used chiropractic for many years and would find temporary relief but always had to go back. My grandson recommended Dr. Kyle to me and I wondered what could this whipper snapper teach me, well lets just say he did teach me and I have seen an improvement that lasts not a temporary fix but permanent improvement!! Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!! Thank You Dr. Kyle!

Archie Lee
A common saying among the chiropractic profession is "the power that made the body, heals the body." We think it's great when the interference to the ability of the body to operate at maximum level is removed, and health and function are restored. If you have been helped by chiropractic and wish to share how Two Rivers Family Chiropractic impacted you, please fill out the form below. 

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